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How we guarantee 1000% returns in 5 years

It is no secret that energy is a strategic and essential commodity in chief Electricity and is guaranteed revenue anywhere in the world and it is a fact that ONLY power companies remained unaffected by the recession because let’s face it no matter what, people cannot do without Electricity recession or not (note emphasis’ added accordingly for easy readability & point[s] highlighting). Whether it is this computer or smartphone or tablet you are using to browse the internet now including our very server even the very internet itself, they all need Electricity to operate (you will have to charge your phone or tablet at some point). FACT* At one point it actually cost more in Electricity (amount of power consumed by the miners processor) to process ONE Bitcoin transaction than the value of one Bitcoin. What more do we have to say?

Now Blaze Power Technology has invented a Reactor that is faster to build, much safer (no radiation or nuclear waste, gas, fossil fuel, water or solar power is required) & the Reactor is a lot cheaper to run than conventional power plants (see comparison on the Blaze Power website). A typical Nuclear power plant takes up to 5 years to build (1.5GW output capacity) and costs upto £18 Billion ($23,365,447,932.00 USD) to build. This is mainly cost that goes into the safety systems that avoid radiation exposure & Nuclear waste disposal etc. Also note that a Nuclear power plant CANNOT be insured thus a Nuclear power plant is not an Asset but a Liability (Google “Fukushima 2018” to understand why & remember that disaster happened over 7 years ago & has drained TEPCO into bankruptcy taking the Japanese economy down with it too)

Comparison & Fact

With Blaze Power Reactors there is no Nuclear or Radioactive fusion or waste involved thus it is insured & guaranteed (this alone makes it a winner but it gets even better). Further the cost of building a similar 1.5GW output capacity Blaze Power Reactor is ONLY £87 million ($112,500,000 USD) and this takes only 2 months to build (all equipment on site). This in itself is already an Asset, read on it gets better.

The 200% per Year GUARANTEED growth NOT forecast

In the history of Investment banking no bank has ever guaranteed returns before EXCEPT Bitcoin Private Bank™ because they all know that they are speculating on business models that can go wrong like Forex Markets, Property, Stocks & Bonds, Mt. Gox & recently Bitfinex not to mention the High Street Banks in the height of the recession including Lehman Brothers, Lloyd’s etc including countless pyramid schemes all over the internet offering large unrealistic interest rates yet they have nothing TANGIBLE to offer or sell except hype & speculation like our nemesis Google and the likes of Facebook that do not have a product to offer except non essential nor strategic services which are akin to fashion i.e popular with the times but can fade away as other services become preferential. Think Yahoo before Google, Amstrad before PC, then Sega & Nintendo before PlayStation and the best example of all NOKIA before Android & IOS (iPhone/iPad). But through all these transitions big as they seemed at the time, but they all failed in the end. HOWEVER even since before Nicola Tesla himself (18th Century). Electricity has been around and will still be there in the next million years to come, in fact there is a great shortage of Electricity around the world. The question to ask yourself then is “am I invested in another Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, Nokia or previously recession hit bank?” Remember NO ONE saw Mt. Gox or Bitfinex coming.

The Bitcoin Private Bank™ NO LOSS 200% per year gain guarantee

The price of Electricity now in the UK is on average £0.85 per KWh (amount you pay for every KW of Electricity you consume every hour) in the U.S on Average $0.12 per KWh & Canada the cheapest at $0.10 per KWh (CLICK HERE for further info) and this is a sellers market by the way, the demand is far greater than supply hence the desperation to build dangerous, impossible to insure & expensive to setup Nuclear power plants

Blaze Power on the other hand sells Electricity at 0.09c per KWh (wholesale) and given a power plant example as the one given prior that equates to $90.00 per MWh (“Megawatt Hour” in simple terms the cost of using 1MW for an hour & for purposes of clarity for the average reader, 1MW = 1000KW “Kilo Watt”, 1000MW = 1GW “Giga Watt”), thus in 24hrs that will be $2,160.00 per MW per day and a total of $64,800.00 per MW per month. If our Power plant is 1.5GW (as several power plants under Blaze Power construction or scheduled at the moment) that is then $64,800 x 1,500MW (1.5GW) = $97,200,000.00 USD per month in revenue for the above mentioned Power Plant and at a plant capitalization cost of only $112,500,000.00 USD per plant this effectively means that Blaze Power plants break even within 2 months ONLY. For Nuclear it is 10 years (if there is no disaster, yes it’s indeed gambling), Solar 5 years, Hydro 10 years & Thermal about 3 to 4 years (excluding coal fuel). And as explained on the Blaze Power website the Blaze Power Reactors have absolutely no overhead running costs except for a general checkup every 2 years due to the moving parts (i.e Mark I Reactor Power Plants, the Mark II are still under R & D)

It does not take or need a Harvard or Oxford graduate to see that effectively Blaze Power plants REALISTICALLY (extra emphasis added) have a return on investment alone of over 1,036.8% PA that is per year alone. All this is assuming that Blaze Power builds only 1 Power Plant per year. Remember it only takes 2 months to build a single plant thus realistically factoring in lead times to manufacture the equipment (which is the only time constraint) it is feasible for Blaze Power to build at least 3 to 4 Power Plants per year

There is a shortage of power everywhere (Google “Global Electricity shortage” to find out more). Conventional power plant construction companies cannot keep up with the demand. Blaze Power has a global market with no direct competitor & worth Trillions in USD/EUR/GBP whichever takes your fancy and only Bitcoin Private Bank™ can offer you the rare opportunity to invest in this company.

This is unconventional technology requiring an equally unconventional process, strategy, investment and bank to stand benefactor & underwriter & this is where Bitcoin Private Bank™ steps in. The Bank guarantees you 1000% returns on your shares or investment in 5 years (200% per year or if you choose 16.65% per month) however as you can see from the brief figures above you are better off holding onto your own shares as they will certainly be worth a lot more in the next 5 years possibly 5000% or more guaranteed. The dividends, earnings per share alone (you can choose monthly, quarterly, yearly or choose to buy more shares subject to availability) not to mention the share value and appeal alone. The future of Energy, what is that worth in hype alone? Now you are getting the picture. The question then is. What are you waiting for? Open your account now & start buying shares. Remember you can Buy, Sell even Transfer shares in the Bitcoin Private Bank™ system through your account interface thus your investment & funds are always under your control. There is no need to worry about some CEO losing keys to a cold storage wallet with your Bitcoin because Electricity is here to stay just like Blaze Power, Bitcoin Private Bank™ & Bitcoin itself. All this wonder and guaranteed convenience is available to you via Bitcoin & for the more conventional among you we have also facilitated a Direct Invest Bank Transfer option for your convenience. True to our ethos and no questions asked or intrusions into your privacy. We understand that it is your privacy & intend to keep it thus. We are here to respect privacy & the rule of law, we do not advocate money laundering or terrorism but we know how to draw the line between due diligence, common sense and downright invasion of privacy and misplaced paranoia with a hidden agenda.

Looking at the spy scandals not to mention worldwide figures alone & this is fact looking at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan & the Middle East. Incidents of terrorism have actually doubled since the introduction of KYC & all other Banking Legislation that is supposed to curb money laundering. Boko Haram & countless similar groups have increased in both strength and numbers. Bitcoin & many more e-currency exchanges have cropped up & more than tripled since the closure of Liberty Reserve. Thus really is it necessary to inconvenience our valued customers with requirements that are useless like copies of utility bills & ID (which can easily be faked too) honestly? When all our customers really want is a reliable bank and investment they can count on to buy & sell their shares, Bitcoin etc all within a legal framework. Banks forget that they are “Business Models” not “Political Models” thus in business we care only about the statistics not the emotions. While statute legislation is paramount which KYC is not it was merely GUIDELINES aimed at IMPLEMENTING good governance & international COOPERATION proposed by the United States ALLEGEDLY to help curb terrorism & money laundering, (note extra emphasis added). A guideline however is not paramount but considered weighty where it is actually of intrinsic benefit. Now as a banker taking into account all factors afore stated cumulative, factoring in also that not only has terrorism & cases of money laundering increased but at the tail end deposits have actually declined at banks as well as revenues as a result of such non beneficial Guidelines or Recommendations (remember weeds & plants grow in the same soil, you cannot hastily uproot a field without uprooting plants together with the weeds). Thus statistically speaking and on a cost benefit analysis such Guidelines are actually more of a hindrance to growth than a catalyst to the fact. As rightly stated we do not advocate Money Laundering or Terrorism. Our point here is that inconveniencing customers with useless ID & Utility bills & invading their privacy IS NOT the way to stop Terrorism or Money laundering as the statistics have clearly proven & shown (emphasis added). Thus honestly why should Bitcoin Private Bank™ persist with Guidelines that do not work & are actually counter productive, reducing revenues, inconveniencing & annoying customers with absolutely no benefit for the ledger nor solving the very basis of their genesis? Unless of course we are agreeing to be incompetent. On the contrary we distance ourselves from collusive institutional incompetence

This is what Bitcoin Private Bank™ stands for and the 1000% returns in 5 years GUARANTEE, a guarantee that no other Bank or Company can offer because they DO NOT have the means nor the product to do so

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