• Bitcoin Private Bank™ is a Bank that primes itself in proper statute law not law based on unlawful & unconstitutional intimidation or democratic hypocrisy with the utmost respect for your privacy. By such token we only collect information that is necessary for the website to function and to protect your Bitcoins and privacy

• By the laws that govern this jurisdiction especially concerning Bitcoin we are under NO OBLIGATION to require your ID or any other material that infringes upon your fundamental right to privacy as enshrined in the constitution of this great nation where Bitcoin Private Bank™ (Trade) is domiciled.

• By law and statute definition of same, Bitcoin Private Bank™ is a seller and holder of Bitcoins (legally defined as “DATA” for all intents & purposes). You as our client are the Buyer. We (Bitcoin Private Bank™) hold your Bitcoins on your behalf in OUR jurisdiction and under the laws of this jurisdiction that considers this to be DATA not assets. Thus we are under NO OBLIGATION to report to any tax authorities for holding DATA neither in this jurisdiction nor any other jurisdiction regards ANY transactions whatsoever concerning you (the Account Holder) requesting us to buy, sell or hold your DATA (i.e Bitcoin on your behalf) and no OTHER law shall infringe upon the sovereign law that governs this jurisdiction and your fundamental right to the privacy of your DATA as guaranteed by the Constitution of this jurisdiction and great nation.

• DATA for all intents and purposes and as rightly construed is a Binary ELECTRONIC record stored on a magnetic medium or in more modern cases Solid State Drives (SSD) or mediums that electronically perform one in the same function as the former aforestated. By virtue of such definition (Oxford) DATA which is technically and intrinsically what Bitcoin ACTUALLY is (An ELECTRONIC record stored and accessible via a synchronized and vast networked global computer grid) DOES NOT fall within the realms or definition of tangible Assets, Commodities or Funds in the summed up definition of what assets are according to the modern acceptable principles of Accounting to qualify as a vehicular medium to launder whether intent inferred or in the quo as may be applicable. By such token Bitcoin Private Bank™ further GUARANTEES the Account Holder (this averment in good law, Statute Law i.e) in ANY jurisdiction that ALL transactions and services offered and executed by Bitcoin Private Bank™ for and on behalf of the Account Holder shall be and are completely lawful and legitimate and completely actus reus, mens rea and prima facie void whether on the Account Holders conscience nor that of the Bank. Statute Law as rightly construed means a written or printed law passed through a DEMOCRATICALLY elected Parliament or Congress (in the unique case of the United States) and ascended to law after being gazetted and neither vetoed nor objected to by the general public of such sovereign state and by such effected into binding law (emphasis accordingly added as appropriate) and thus exhonerates the Account Holder from any legal accountability for dealing with the Bank

• We are domiciled in such jurisdiction that respects and honours such fundamental rights. For purposes of Money Laundering clarification. The definition of “when you transfer funds to your account” by this we mean that when we receive your Bitcoin we immediately credit the said equivalent to ledger and hold such Bitcoin hereinafter also construed as DATA on your behalf. When you transfer funds from your account or make what we metaphorically call “making a bank transfer” we are essentially transferring entitlement of said Bitcoin from you as the account holder to Bitcoin Private Bank™ and in return sending you a bank transfer remittance to an account of YOUR choice at the given rate we indicate for such transaction as a private mutual arrangement. This is just for purposes of clarity as we exercise our right to freedom of expression

• The Account Holder shall at all times have access to their Bitcoins. Bitcoin Private Bank™ guarantees and shall at all times endeavour to make sure that the Account Holder has access to their Bitcoin(s) at all times, to transact with such Bitcoins as they may deem fit without ANY hinderance, limitations nor restrictions whatsoever whether arising from Bitcoin Private Bank™ itself or ANY other 3rd party subject only to force majeure

• It is thus incumbent upon you as a prospective client to make sure that your activities with our website are within your pertinent jurisdictions legal obligations and to safeguard yourself as it is your fundamental right to freedom of expression & privacy, which is our legal obligation to you as dictated by our pertinent jurisdiction. Be further advised that we shall not under any circumstances disclose your DATA or identity to ANY 3rd party whatsoever as it is under law impossible to launder DATA. “Money Laundering” for all intents and purposes as rightly construed by the legal term applies to Money and Assets as defined by the pertinent jurisdictions definition of same in the General Clauses & Interpretation Act(s) and other pertinent preamble statutes and definitions in any other applicable Acts reliant thereto

• We DO NOT restrict any national or impose any restrictions upon any national WHATSOEVER as this is considered discrimination in this jurisdiction, neither do we disclose your personal information nor Bitcoins to ANY 3rd party whatsoever without YOUR consent.

• We respect and abide only by the laws & statutes that govern this jurisdiction

NB*: These Terms & Conditions shall constitute the entire contract between yourself hereinafter and retrospect the “Account Holder” and ourselves (Bitcoin Private Bank™) hereinafter and retrospect the “Bank” and any other agreement outside this agreement shall be deemed null & void for all intents & purposes. The Bank (also construed as a “DATA Bank” for purposes of defeating and pre-empting the frivolous and vexatious) reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions with prior notice to the Account Holder via email as the default Domicilium citandi et executandi unless as may be otherwise stated in your profile then such notice shall alternatively be hard copy mailed to you in the exception. At which point you shall have the right to exercise your right to Meet or Release